April 24, 2022: Helgrenze Gets To 2022 In 2022

You could say that it takes most players 15 or 16 years to get to 2,000 XP, but most people will never get to 2,000 points because Helgrenze is only the 12th in the long and storied history of the game to reach the 2,000 club. I guess now we need a bigger table. Will Helgrenze call MayDay with 2022 in 2022 on May Day?

Randiv wins Telemachus! And Dejagen wins Operation A-90!

GerryGadget leads The Regular Mega game, but there are still up to 15 turns to go.

Look for a new Mega to start around 5/15/22 or so. There are some available Personal Universe games you may join between now and then.

-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

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