October 3, 2022: Black Knight Wins The Ring Game!

The galaxy is under attack! Invading ghouls have infested the planets. Only the valiant of Ultracorps can prevent demonic tyranny and preserve the free will of the galaxy.

Registration for this spooktacular campaign closes on 10/3 after 8pm. The first tick is at 8am on 10/5 and the game will finish shortly after Halloween. Note the 8am not 8 pm tick time.

Can Ultracorps preserve light in the galaxy or will the ghoul hosts haunt the galaxy for eternity?

Game news: Black Knight wins! Way ahead with 52 planets! That winner's badge looks really nice on your shiny black armored plate!

Zpo pulls a solid 2nd with 42 and Ubones and an undocumented journalist tie for 3rd. Solitar closes out the top 5. DeJagen, Caruso, Nitefever, Farstar and Starcharger fill the top ten in a descending order with no ties.

An apparent wrinkle in the fabric of the space time continuum either has caused or will cause the new Mega Ghoul Wars to close after 8pm today 10/3 and start at 8am on October 5th. 8am not pm, SJ Games time in Austin, TX.

-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

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