November 10, 2022: Hat Trick in a 3peat Mega Winner! Team Game

UC-Guderian wins!

Winner Harvest Moons Winner Downfall Winner Ghoul Wars An amazing achievement and accomplishment and our hats off to the Hat Trick champ - Harvest Moons, Downfall, and Ghoul Wars.

Each player sets up an alt account and uses that account as his/her/their partner. Only one player gets the win, unless their is a tie, and we don't combine the scores for the planet count. A can gift to B or B could gift to A, but if their fleets collide, explosions will occur.

Essentially one member of the team would serve as a booster or springboard to sling the lead player into a high orbit.

MAT, Multi Account Teams? Have Pschizoclones become a reality?

Each player may have two (2) Ultracorps log-in accounts to work together in this game. Open now, the teams must be signed up by the middle of November. 11/15/22

Alternate account identities may remain private within their team.

-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

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