March 28, 2023: Caruso Leads In Spring Ring.

Not only is Caruso leading all players, he also achieved an accomplishment only 14 other Ultracorps players have ever done. Caruso hit the 2,000 XP mark. Note the date he hit 2,000, 3/21/23 Nicely done Caruso. And it only took 17 years.

Mongrell and Z_stremist are at 2nd and 3rd. Five players, Black Knight, Conquest, DeJa, Soli and SC, are tied at 5th; leaving Jodos in sole possession of 10th place. Player milestones achieved or expected are: Helgrenze got 2222 on 3/22/23
Gikiski passes 2500 on 3/2/23
Zpo hoping to hit 2500 this Mega game
Habig races Starcharger towards 500 Master points

New Mega to open soon and start in the first week of April. Ultracorps - The world's oldest computer battle game still going, still in play since 1997

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