May 22, 2023: DeJagan Wins! Moon Mega Opens

DeJagen wins! Nicely played DJ!

UC Guderian led early and fought to the end and almost finished in 1st again. Guir get top two spots.

Andy6474 returns to Ultracorps and finishes on the medal stand at 3rd place, playing as Arachnapoleon. This makes no sense as we all know Napoleon was a crustacean not an arachnid. 8 Masters points awarded to Andy. Caruso, Jodos, Habig, Goljerp, Starcharger, Farstar and Orn'ate all made the top ten. Players ranked below the top ten were either eaten or rushed to an early demise.

Check Andy's combatant number in the raw logs of his battles. At 25126 it is one of the lowest you will ever see. For comparison Captain Kanga, an alias I created for the recent doubles game, lists at 100277. Over 100,000 player accounts in 27 years on the internet. The stories our Spider Emperor Warrior could tell. Saturn had about 5 discovered moons back in early 1997. Now there are 124 and counting. Thanks for popping in Andy6474.

Ultracorps is practically unique in both it's history and it's ability to engage a large number of players in one game. Ultracorp's intellectual property and copyrighted story-lines, races, ships and characters all combine for it's seemingly phoenix-like ability to rise up from the ashes to live on. It is no wonder that Netflix and HBO Max are fighting over the rights to produce, and no wonder that the Miami Heat and the Denver Nuggets, and even the Lakers and Celtics are in a bidding war with Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rogers outbidding Terrapols Biden, Trump and even Brittany Spears. Taylor Swift cloaked up when we asked her when she first learned to love Ultracorps. Let's hope Ultracorps doesn't join Hendrix, Cass, Morrison, Cobain and more in the death at age 27 group.

New mega 124 Moons is now open and starts on the 29th of May, 2023 at 8am.

Bring a friend, or an enemy or both and you can introduce them in the game forum if you like.

-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

May 22, 2023: Black Knight Wins The Ides Of March Mega

Well Done Black Knight! Caruso and Mongrell tie for 2nd and Zpo takes 4th with ConquestAsAService landing the 5th of five top spots.
-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

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