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Top Player Rankings

With the Rank button near the bottom of your ComNet sidebar, you can see the current top-ranked players in the game you are in. There are five categories:

  • Worlds: Number of worlds in empire. This is the most important ranking - the one which determines the winner in the classic scenario.
  • Net Worth: Sum of the value of all units at current cost, plus all licenses at cost, plus all Ultranium owned by the player.
  • Firepower: The sum of the Firepower values of all the empire's fleets. An indicator of military strength.
  • Win Ratio: Indicates the player's overall battle effectiveness in this game. The more you fight, and the more you win, the higher this is. The formula is: Wins 2 / Number of Battles.

  • Population: All population on this empire's worlds and fleets.

To Display Player Rankings

  • Use the Rank button on the ComNet sidebar. Or, from the Player News page, you may click Player Rankings for Turn X.
  • Choose a category by clicking its radio button.
  • You can view top-ranked players by all races or within an individual race. To view the top 50 players in each category, click the Display Ranking button.
  • To narrow the selection by race, choose one from the Race pop-up menu and then click Display Ranking.

Permanent Standings

All the above has to do with the best scores in a single game. For scores that reflect your overall performance in UltraCorps, see Permanent Standings.

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