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Navigation Bar

This is the top bar on your screen. No matter where you are in UltraCorps, you can always access any key area by clicking one of these buttons:

  • Com-Net: Your Player News and Empire pages, as well as UltraMail, Chat, and other communication features. All Com-Net pages have side tabs for more navigation, described below.
  • Homeworld: The Star Map, and the World Information page for your homeworld.
  • Races: The list of all races in the game, which links to a detailed information page for each one.
  • Units: The table of stats for all units in the game, which links to a detailed information page for each one.
  • Help: The Help index.
  • "Show All" Icons: These icons take you to different summary reports about your empire:
    • Show All Notes (pencil icon): Lets you view all notes you have made for the game in general or the specific worlds you own. Details on world notes are here.
    • Show All Worlds (planet icon): A list of the worlds you own and their basic stats, with any obvious trouble-spots flagged. Details are here.
    • Show All Fleets (spaceship icon): A list of all your fleets, with origin, destination, speed, and contents. Details are here.
    • Show All Scanners (radar dish icon): A list of all your worlds, showing what each one detects on its scanners. Details are here.
    • Show All Production (factory icon): A list of all your worlds, with production information for each. At the top of this page is a link to Show All Licenses: a list of all the units you can build, showing what worlds can build each one. Details are here.
  • Run Tick: Only appears on games you own. Ends the turn for all players and runs the tick immediately.
  • Lobby: Exit this game and return to the UltraCorps Lobby.


Com-Net is the information network of UltraCorps. It includes your Player News page, your Empire page, and the various ways you can communicate with fellow players. Go to Com-Net when you want to send UltraMail, see a list of your worlds, check out top players, read headline articles, or review the game's economy.

To get to Com-Net from anywhere within UltraCorps, click the Com-Net button at the top of the page.

To get a feel for the layout of Com-Net, check out the sections below. They take you step-by-step through various key areas and provide links to more information.

Com-Net Tabs

On the left side of Com-Net you will see the game name and the Turn indicator, which tells you the current turn number. Below the turn indicator are several tabs:
  • Player News opens your News page.

  • Empire shows your Empire page, with information about your position in the current game.

  • Profile shows your Profile page, with information about your overall standing in UltraCorps.

  • Prefs opens your Preferences page, letting you choose to get various kinds of notification by e-mail.

  • Rank takes you directly to the Top Player Rankings page for the current game.

  • UltraMail accesses the in-game email.

  • Player Finder (only in mega-games) lets you locate other players in the game.

  • Watch List lets you create a customized report about those empires most interesting to you.

  • Game Info opens the information page for the current game.

  • Forums takes you to the forum area for the current game, accessible only to that game's players.

  • Chat opens the chat window.


Player News
Top Player Rankings
Headline Articles
The Forums
Battle Reports
Player Finder
Watch List
Your Empire Page
Your Player Profile
Your Preferences

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