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Player Finder

This page lets you find other players in the game. Of course, if you can locate an empire on the Star Map, clicking on any world will bring up its information page and tell you the owner's name. The Player Finder is especially useful for getting in touch with old friends when you haven't found them yet in the current game.

To Locate Players:

Click the Player Finder tab on the left side of Com-Net.
  • To locate a specific player, enter the full name in the By Name field. If that player is in the game, his Empire page will be displayed. If that player is in the database but not in the game, you will get a link to his Profile.
  • Choose Browse Alphabetically and pick a letter; you will see all player names beginning with that letter.
  • Choose Browse by Race and pick a race; you will see all player names beginning with that race. This is also the way to find out how many players are playing each race.

There is also a Player Finder link at the top of your own Profile page.

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