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Battle Reports

Battles occur during the tick. When the next turn begins, you can instantly see if you had any battles by looking under "Battle News" on your Player News page. However, to see the details, check out the Battle Report. It shows all fleets present, the units in each, and the round-by-round history of the battle. (For more information on round mechanics, see Battles.)

To Review Battles

  • Battle reports can be accessed from several areas within UltraCorps.
    • If you're not in a game right now, here's a four-round dummy Battle Report for you to look at.
    • In Com-Net, you can see last turn's battles on the Player News page.
    • Click on a player's name wherever it appears to view his Empire page. The List Battles link on this page will show his entire battle history.
    • You can review all battles that have occurred at a particular world by displaying its World Information page. The Battles section is at the bottom of the page.
  • Once you get to the Battle Report screen, you'll see Round 0 - the pre-battle conditions. There will be a separate heading for the units owned by each player in the battle.
  • Click the Next button to see what happened in Round 1. Explosions indicate unit destruction. Colored triangles next to affected units signal that an X-Factor came into play. A green triangle beside a unit indicates an X-Factor that was favorable to the unit; a red triangle indicates it was unfavorable. Click the triangle for details. (Sometimes an X-factor will only affect some of the units of that type. The report will show that as well.)
  • Continue clicking the Next button for the ensuing rounds, or click the Last button to see the final conditions. A battle ends when only one player has any combat units left. (If all players lose their last combat units on the same round, the defender keeps the world.)
  • Click a world name, player alias, unit name, or the Com-Net or Command Cntr navigation bar buttons to exit the battle report.

"Play Entire Battle" Slideshow

The Play Entire Battle button will animate the battle, one screen at a time, so you can watch it quickly and see how attrition affects the fleets.

Viewing By Fleets

The default Battle Report combines all of a player's units in one column. You may also view each of your fleets as a separate column by clicking the View reports by fleets link. If you have lots of fleets, this will make your report very wide, and you'll have to move your screen view to see it all.

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