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Show All Scanners

The All Scanners page lists all worlds in your empire and shows their scan range and everything they detect. This page is especially helpful for spotting incoming enemy fleets. It shows the world that detects the fleet (Detected At), the world where it originated (From) and/or the target world where it is headed (To), and how many grid units it has to go.

Show All Scanners page

To View All Scanners
  • In the navigation bar at the top of any game page, click the "scanner" icon, which shows a radar dish.

  • Or, on any World Information page for a planet you own, click the Show All Scanners button next to the Scanner section to access the All Scanners page.

  • You will see separate lists of inbound and outbound fleets.

  • If the fleet is yours, click its name to see the units that make it up. Note that if the fleet belongs to another player, you will not be able to see what's in it! It could be a single small craft, or a dozen capital ships with hundreds of escorts . . .

  • Click a world's name to access its World Information page.

Note: Fleets owned by other players appear in a black box and do not have links to their contents. Worlds in a black box with a double red border are worlds you do not own.

Customized Scanners in the Report
In a PUB Game, the owner can customize unit stats, including scanner ranges. This could make the standard scanner icons misleading in the All Scanners report. Therefore, any scanner whose range has been changed will be shown by a "generic" scanner icon, shown here, and the customized scan range will be displayed. Scanners whose ranges have not been changed will have their normal icons.

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