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UltraCorps is a game of strategy and diplomacy, and learning the fine points is part of the fun. The following few pages of hints only scratch the surface of what you can do with this game . . .

A little roleplaying never hurt anybody, either. If you're going to be an interstellar warlord, ACT like an interstellar warlord. By communicating in character, you can often rally support from other players and add to the flavor and fun of your play.

Keep track of your worlds and your units . . . and use the Watch List to keep track of both your friends and foes. This system makes a lot of information available to you, and allows you to automate the most routine parts of managing your empire. In effect, you have thousands of loyal flunkies gathering intelligence for you and executing your instructions. But it's still up to you to provide the guiding strategy and to conduct diplomacy with your neighbors.

Have fun. Play hard, play clean, and remember that another game will start soon. You can take what you've learned in this one, and really give your rivals something to fear next time.

And always remember: Conquest is Job One!


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Using Your Fleets
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