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Keep Talking!

We can't overemphasize the importance of negotiation and diplomacy. Even if you never actually form an alliance, your neighbors are more likely to attack the players who don't bother to return their UltraMail. Don't let that be you!

And of course, if you really enjoy diplomacy, the sky's the limit. You can keep it above-board, always telling the truth about your intentions and always keeping your promises. Or you can be sneaky. Spreading false rumors, using carefully timed threats, encouraging your neighbors to attack each other, accepting tribute from weak players rather than crushing them completely . . . Many Machiavelli types come to a bad end, but if you're GOOD at it, you can prosper.


You can reach the UltraCorps chat area either from the Lobby or from ComNet.


Each game of UltraCorps has its own forums, which can be reached from ComNet. You can see and post in the forums for all the games you belong to (plus, of course, the general UC forums). This is a great place for diplomacy, information, disinformation, or general roleplaying . . . whatever fits your style.

Other Channels

And, of course, you can use the phone, regular e-mail, and so on. We strongly suggest, though, that you limit yourself to UltraMail until you know your correspondents well enough to give them your real personal contact information!

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