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Organizing Your Empire

Once you control several worlds, it's time to organize them for efficient growth and conquest. Turn some planets into "factory worlds" by massing population, Ultranium, and design licenses there. Protect them well! As you grow, captured enemy homeworlds can often become your best production centers.

Other planets can become "feeder" worlds, shipping Ultranium and population to your factories. But don't forget about their licenses . . . there will often be times when you'll want to build a few units locally, if only for defense.

Use worlds close to your enemies as staging grounds where fleets mass for battle.

This kind of organization gives you a distinct advantage over those players who don't specialize their worlds.

  • Look for nearby unclaimed worlds to conquer while your empire is still young.
  • Establish a solid center of production to support your expanding fleets.
  • Ultranium is wealth. Get as much as you can.
  • Large population means large production. Mass your subjects together so they can create more and bigger units quickly.
  • Form alliances with neighbors to guard your flanks, while preparing to annihilate distant foes . . . unless, of course, you have an untrustworthy neighbor.
  • Make the most of player communications: UltraMail, forums, and chat in the War Room.
  • Destroy all opposition!

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