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Customizing Units in a PUB Game

When you create a new PUB game, the unit stats will be set to the current system defaults, which you can see by creating a solo game. But you don’t have to accept the defaults. In your own PUB games, you can experiment with tweaking the unit stats . . . or changing them completely to design brand-new units.

Note that once we start charging for accounts, the ability to change unit stats in a PUB will become an Elite feature only.

After you create your game, go to the PUB Admin page. One of the links near the top of the page, right under “View Game,” will be “Edit Game Units.”

This link takes you to a spreadsheet which shows all units, in alphabetical order, and their stats. The only limitations on editing are some arbitrary high maximum values, and the rules of the game . . . you can’t assign a stat that will break the system. You may edit any unit stat except:

  • Unit name. Yes, it would be nice to allow names to be created or even added, but that feature does not exist yet.
  • OF, DF, AT, and PD for upgrade units and non-combat units . . . because they don’t have those stats.
  • Start price, license cost, and CPX for v2 and higher units . . . because they don’t have those stats.
  • You cannot give any unit a speed over 500.
  • You cannot give a unit any speed at all unless you make its CA zero or greater,
  • You cannot turn a non-combat unit (which is indestructible) into a combat unit, or vice versa.
  • You cannot give any combat unit an OF of less than 1, or a DF or AT of more than 99.
  • Start price must be at least 5.
  • Don’t try to give anything except CA a negative value, or enter anything but a whole number!
  • No value can be over 10,000.
Note that you can also edit a couple of special unit attributes. If you enter a nonzero number into the Scanner Range field for any unit, that unit becomes a scanner with the specified range. (Known bug: Your custom Scanner Range settings will not properly interact with the warning icons on the “All Scanners” report, which is hardcoded to the default values.)

And note the last field, Stealth. It is zero for all units except the Hurax; it is 1 for the Hurax. Any unit given a Stealth value of 1 becomes stealthed! For real fog of war, try an all-stealth game . . .

You can only edit units BEFORE the game begins!

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