The merciless SxullBorgs, part metal and part flesh, have adopted both hardware and genetic material from past conquests.

They start with more licenses than any other race, but very few units of any one kind . . . so the first challenge for a SxullBorg empire-builder is sorting his motley collection of spaceships and war machines into a coherent combat fleet or two. A good general approach is to group the fast units into one fleet and the slower ones into another, if there are two attractive targets nearby.

When they win a battle, the SxullBorg salvage Ultranium from all units destroyed, regardless of who those units belonged to. The bigger the battle, the lower the percentage of scraps they can collect, ranging from 20% of starting Ult value in small battles down to only 10% for battles involving 500 FP or more. The salvaged Ultranium appears immediately in the world's base fleet.

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EI: 30, RER: 225


500 Population
500 Ultranium
4 A-7 Mauler
4 ATO-2 Scout
4 ATO-3 Crawler
4 All-Terrain Rover
4 Boron Recon Buggy
1 C.R. Org II
4 HEW-9 Eliminator
4 Sentinel of Garsasso
4 Super Space Fighter
0 TK Helmet (License only)
4 TK Tank
4 X-5 Raider
4 X-6 Instigator
4 X-7 Corvette