VaT'ak Warriors

The sturdy, violent VaT'ak love war, and value honor and martial prowess more than life. They are responsible for the creation of both the N-Class Battleship, designed to brave the hottest battles, and the E-Class Suicide Fighter, which is simply intended to do a lot of damage before something breaches its tinfoil hull.

The VaT'ak fleet is designed for aggressive conquest, but because most of its strength is in its starting N-class and E-class ships, the starting fleet shouldn't be divided in two . . . leave the HEW-9s at home and keep the rest of the combat units together for early attacks, and your chances of keeping (at least) the N-class past the first battle will be much better.

The VaT'ak can build the N-Class Battleship for 550 CPX.

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EI: 35, RER: 200


550 Population
400 Ultranium
20 All-Terrain Rover
2 E-Class Suicide Fighter
1 EDM Sensor-200
1 N-Class Battleship
1 Type 12 Warhead Pod
15 X-7 Corvette
15 X-8 Assault Shuttle