The Ectonians are perhaps the most even-tempered, versatile race in existence. They fit in on warships and farming work crews, on science expeditions and diplomatic voyages.

The Ectonian starting fleet is, likewise, very balanced. They start off with a variety of generally useful units, including two mighty Megabots, a v2 Megabot upgrade, and the license for the v3 upgrade. Later in the game, an Ectonian empire may have LOTS of Megabots . . . but in the beginning, it's vital to make sure your Megabots are well supported, so they survive and keep fighting. Will you send them both out to insure your initial conquests, or will you keep one at home for a turn so it gets upgraded?

Because the starting Ectonian units have widely varying speeds, it's tempting to divide them into two conquest fleets at the beginning: a fleet built around the X-7s, and a fleet of the faster units. This can jump-start your expansion . . . IF your targets are weak enough.

Ectonians can build SSFs at no more than base cost. They also get a 15% CPX discount on Megabots and all Megabot upgrades.

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EI: 40, RER: 200


500 Population
400 Ultranium
6 Cargo Booster
2 EDM Sensor-200
0 G-21 Arc Cannon (License only)
2 MegaBot
15 Super Space Fighter
1 Type 9 HyperBooster
15 X-5 Raider
15 X-7 Corvette