May 3, 2006: More Docco Features

Kira has written a Quick Intro, which will help you introduce your friends to the game. It's near the top of the Help index.

We've also added four more information tabs to the sidebar that you'll see under (for instance) News and FAQ:

  • Known Bugs is a quick link to the existing Known Bugs page. We are pleased to point out that we don't know of very many . . .
  • Upcoming Features presents both the list of things we plan to do, when and as we can, and the "Anti-List" of things we plan NOT to do.
  • Change Log links to a sort of "UltraBlog" that we're going to be keeping; it will list the changes and fixes we make, but we'll try to be interesting about it.
  • And Credits is just a quick link to the Credits page, because it was a bit hard to find.
We've also posted a full page of Trademark and Copyright Information . . . Why is this interesting to you? Because it tells you how you can use our art, etc., on fan pages, and know you're not merely staying legal, but actually helping the game.
-- Steve Jackson

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