June 22, 2006: Kira Set Up Us The Bomb!

We have a new unit: the U-90 Biobomb. So called because it's Unit 90 in the database . . .

This is the long-range population-killer that has been discussed a bit on the forums. It's available in all newly-started games. Give it a try and let us have your feedback on the forums.

June 8, 2006: E-Mail Tick Notifications

You can now sign up to receive e-mail when your PUB game has ticked. Click on the "Empire" tab in your game to enter your e-mail address.

Right now you have to enter it on a per-game basis.

I don't have plans to make this work for Mega games, since that'd be a lot of mail, and Megas usually run on a fixed schedule anyway.

June 6, 2006: Glitch With Certain PUB Games

The following PUB games suffered a system glitch today:
  • #11964 - 06-06-06 Afternoon Blitz Game
  • #11859 - Four-Way War
  • #11547 - Work-Week Special V
  • # 9200 - Death to Ahabig
  • #11888 - Texas Three-a-day
  • #11376 - Empires In Space
  • #11675 - GHC 4: Psych Out
Possibly some others, though these were the ones I noticed stuck in the tick. I've unlocked the games, but the last tick did not run to completion - it died during the battles phase. Some battles may have run; others may not have. Scanners will NOT have updated.

Anyway, my advice is to proceed with the next tick, which should clear things out, but if you continue having problems with your game, please e-mail me.
-- Kira

June 3, 2006: Kilroy Has Ended!

Kilroy has ended! It ran for 37 turns. Congratulations to Black Star, who finished with 73 worlds. (Hmm. 73:37... ) Also, despite the Xiron owning the top 10 early in the game, the final rankings were more evenly distributed: one Arachnon, 4 Mah-Tog, a Cosmic Needle Man, a Va'Tak, and two Xiron... plus a 3-way tie for 10th between two Xiron and a CNM.

While we didn't get point scoring going this game, we have made some improvements both to visible pages (profiles, zero-lock licenses, accurate prodq estimates) and to behind-the-scenes stuff. We also learned some things (this map was too spaced-out; expect your neighbors to be closer next time).

We don't have any ETA on when the next Mega game will start; til then, there are plenty of PUBs going on, including a PvP PUB Tourney. Check out the forums for details!

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