February 28, 2010: Encore Excellence!

SoFNN (and Ultracorps) would like to congratulate Licker as overall winner of the Encore mega!

The Top Finishers (and Gold Badge earners) by Race (with worlds) are as Follows:

Arachnon- Ultimatequestion (35)
Cosmic Needle Men- Stegyre (38)
Ectonian- Grimshaw (37)
Entradishar- Solitar (45)
Guir- Ol'Jabberwock (49)
Mah Tog- Travail (49)
Nozama- Licker (50)
Orn- Orn-Ree (39)
Swampbeast- Meesh (32)
Sxullborg- Peranthus (25)
Va T'ak Warriors- Geugon (29)
Xiron- Andy6474 & Spudfyre (30)
Zenrin- Agramer (33)

Again, congratulations to all on a great game!
Travail, UC News Reporter

February 26, 2010: TickTalk

Made famous by Starcharger, "TickTalk" is an informal gathering of UC players who meet in UC chat to talk live around the time of the tick for Mega's: the sessions can get fun and exciting anytime during a Mega, whether you're playing or not, as strategies and tactics are revealed and shared with those present. It's a good way to meet other players in the UC community, to get answers to your questions about the game, and to share your own experiences in Ultracorps.

Come join us nightly during Upgrade Mega, as the lead changes, empires rise and fall, frustrations are vented, and friendships and agreements are forged :)

Travail, UC News Reporter

February 23, 2010: New News Reporter, and New News

The Acutron has enlisted Fabulous News reporter Travail to broadcast up-to-date reports of happenings in the Ultraverse. Welcome, Travail!

Encore Ending Soon

Encore begins . . . to end. The final turns of the Mega are erupting in fierce violence across the Universe as Empires struggle for dominance. The remains of once-great civilizations are now trampled underfoot/claw/tentacle as would-be conquerors strive to collect every world they can, while survivors try desperately to avoid extinction. The random game end forces commanders to time offensives carefully, balancing an ineffective rush against a great fleet not getting to its target in time. As the final strategems and battles unfold, our congratulations to all who have fought and dared greatly!

-- Travail, Official UC News Reporter

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