May 27, 2010: Sort Of Fabulous Network News Update

Incinerator- Turn 13! Spudfyre seizes the lead!

Action Item: Of Homeworlds Lost...
Multiple homeworlds fell this past tick, while others were successfully defended. Consolations to those who've lost their HW and are now looking for a place to live, but congratulations to the victors like Commander Luckymonkey, who now, finally, can see beyond what is Known.

Action Item: ...and of Homeworlds Saved!
Gogmagog, a commander with apparent expectations of some apocalyptic war in the future (Editor's note: Er, now?), has come under fire from multiple enemies. Commander Gog has resisted several HW attacks by different opponents over the past several turns, and gets a shout out for his defiance of both his enemies and the odds! Give them the fang, Gog, but don't give them Fang!

Action Item: Fluky Outcomes on "Unlucky" Turn 13!
This author was apprised of 1 such fight, and was part of another. Go check the battle at Sikin, where the suicidal Noz fighter piloted by "E Class" Jones took on a force of 195 fp and killed 2 HSF's before being slain! Then, check out the battle at Rylgan, where a GPA fell apart after, perhaps, overhasty construction, against a vastly inferior foe on round 1 of combat.

And now a word from our sponsor: Back to the Past Poker Emporium- "Try our ever popular Texas Held 'em!"

Travail, UC News Reporter

May 24, 2010: Congratulatory Ultramails!

Nothing says success like a congratulatory ultramail from The UC Admin.

Some might wonder what it takes to get one?
A solo 10, 9, 8, 7 or 6 won't do it, but a solo 5 or 4 will.

Achieve a nice average, or certain MP level or hit a certain 100 level in XP and you can look for a mail.
Mega winners not only get a congratulations in the forums, but also by ultramail and they also get to name their own world to become in some ways immortal. Someday there may even be prizes!

You never know, win the right battle and Travail or I might chime in. Have fun and knock some heads.

-- Starcharger

May 19, 2010: Sort Of Fabulous Network News Update

Incinerator is underway! There is some tight clustering on the leaderboard, fairly expected this early in the game.

Action Item: Klingon and Romulan Hostilities at an End!
The Romulan Empire erased doubts about their strategic and tactical ability by besting the Klingon Empire in a knock-down, drag-out-an-airlock battle. Romulan Ale all around, and hold the Gakh... at least this time.

Action Item: Hope For the Hopelessly Late!
If you have missed entry into the Mega, fear not! Either Administrator Starcharger or News Reporter Travail will be happy to open games for you- simply drop us a umail, ad we'll get on it.

And now a word from our sponsor: Entradishar Empire Laundry Services- "Invade, rinse, repeat!"
Travail, UC News Reporter

May 13, 2010: Incinerator Is Closed To Additional Players

The joining period is over and now it is time to make your first move.

The new game ticks each night at 8 PM starting Saturday May 8th.

Many of the Boutique Pubs will be finishing up just about the time Incinerator starts.

The 1v1 League is getting a lot of play. Go into the forums and look for the 1v1 Thread and toss your name in the hat if you would like to get involved.

Have Fun!

-- Starcharger

May 8, 2010: New Mega Game Incinerator is open

This game will feature the OSAA2 Incinerator at 10% less complexity from 350 to 315.

Autobuild is turned off. The random end turn will be between 34 and 36.

The game opens for joining on Saturday May 8th at 9 PM. It closes on Thursday the 13th after 5 PM.

We will make the map and start the game by Thursday at 8 PM. The first tick will be Saturday May 15th at 8 PM Central Daylight SJ Games times.

-- Starcharger

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