October 23, 2020: Halloween Week Approaches

FnordCon was a smashing success for the Ultracorps crew. Many commanders came back with alien abduction memories of mind probes and more using words like grueling and exhausting, yet exhilarating.

Look for a Holiday Ring Game to start about the first of December, running towards the end of 2020.

Caruso and Malagster are lonely at the top in sharing the Mega Game lead after 8 turns. They are not too lonely with six participants one planet back in a 3rd place tie: Alice Kooper, Dr_Sci, Gerry.gadget, Hurax Prime, Orn Ree and Starcharger. Big Brother, Habig and RelicZen all hold 9th place.

There are several new players in the field. Let's give them the old Moon Cannon welcome!
-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

October 15, 2020: Sun_Tzu Has Been On A Roll!

You may remember Sun_Tzu as the winner of Harvest Moons, our last mega game. He also just helped his team win the FnordCon 2.3 Blitz game. Sun_Tzu personally held the #1 spot in the team game too. A win on the 3rd, another on the 10th, and this does not take into account that Sun_Tzu has won the last two Halloween games also.

Sun-Tzu, aka Guderien the Great, aka Big Brother has topped that by getting the first Solo 4 in over 10 years. On February 1st of 2013 Sun got solo a solo 12, then a solo 8 and then a solo 7. Seven years later on October 12th Sun_Tzu got a solo 6, a solo 5 and behold the Mythic Solo 4. Sun_Tzu, interviewed under no duress and entirely without coercion, admitted that he got his Solo 4 on his 1st try. Sun's alter ego Guderian the Great got another Solo 4 on October 13th.

The Solo 4 this month on the 12th, and again on the 13th are the first that have been heard of in the galaxies since Rexmf got his Solo 4 way back on January 12th of the year 2010. 10 long years and now Sun_Tzu has broken the ice. Come on in! The water is fine!

Congratulations on a tremendous accomplishment! Well done Sun-Tzu! Well done UC_Guderian! You did what many had thought could not be done!!
-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

October 12, 2020: Gold FnordCon Blitz Game Badges Awarded

FnordCon 2.3 was a smashing success and many virtual attendants stood back in awe of the highly decorated military uniforms of the Ultracorps commanders as the entered into a strange new universe of SJ Games.

Congratulations to the Tunnel Trolls! Shiny Gold badges were awared to the winning team of Dr_Sci, Kilraven, Solitar, Sun-Tzu, Takeshi, Tetrahydrocannon, Uglyonanape, X-Streamist, Zen and Zpo! The Tunnel Trolls skunked the Lightspheres by taking the top 8 individual spots and won going away with a world total of 161-23. One Lightsphere commander was over heard saying, "One more turn and I think we could have beat them."

Shiny Silver badges were awarded to Black Knight, Captain Cudzu, Caruso, Dude22, Farstar, ionathas78, Klosh, RyfLEktk, Sarigar, Sjchao999 and Starcharger.

HallowCorps(e), the annual Halloween Mega Game, closes to new players after midnight of the 14th, central time and starts at 8pm on the 16th of October, central time.
-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

October 9, 2020: FnordCon 2.3

Our sponsor Steve Jackson is hosting a virtual gaming convention this Saturday. Check it out, I am sure it will be lots of fun.

Fnordblitz 2.3 is a team game that will feature Ultracorps this Saturday at 10am. Rumor has it that a rare and hitherto unknown FnordBlitz 2.3 badge will/may be awarded. There is nothing like a cool badge that has a cachet of exclusivity. Are you a Tunnel Troll or a Lightspere?

HallowCorps is now open. Join us in the new Mega, which starts on the 16th at 8pm SJ Games times.

Wishing you a howling good time!
-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

October 4, 2020: Sun_Tzu Wins!

Sun_Tzu, also known as God Emperor, wins again! That is officially his 5th win as Harvest Moons is still considered a current game and stats accrue when the game closes out. Add in the Holiday Ring Game win and I count 7 Majors. Players joining the new Halloween season Mega may wish to keep in mind that Sun_Tzu is especially accomplished in these creepy crawly contests. In fact he has won the last two, Spooky Space and Zombiepocalypse. We have to search the annals all the way back to the 2014 Halloween Bomb ghost game, won by Breakers, to find a ghoulish mega won by someone besides Big Brother himself.

Caruso shines in 2nd and Malagster reports that he got 3rd. I will have to fact check that report. AntiTang, Solitar, Gerry.gadget, Arillus, Tower, Dr_Sci, Helgrenze and mhLyvz round out the Top Ten. Congratulations Commanders!

FnordBlitz 2.3 plays out all in one day, 10/10/2020 and awards points and badges - including the coveted Winner's Badge.

Look for a Halloween Bomb type, Spooky Space Spectacular, Zombiepocalypse Zinger type of Mega to open soon and close after FnordCon 2.3 comes to a virtual close. The Headless Horseman's Ball will be starting in the 3rd week of October.
-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

October 3, 2020: Zombiepocalypse 2020

Harvest Moons is closing out its life cycle and it is a tight race, for last place. Sun Tzu is the clear front runner, Caruso is a solid second and AntiTang is in 3rd.

FnordCon 2.3, a virtual convention for gaming, features Ultracorps prominently for 23 turns every half hour from about 10a to 10p. Look for new players coming in on the 10th, before 10.

Look for a spooky Mega game to run in October and on into November. I will see if Kira can give us creepy crawly fleet names. Ultramail me with Game name suggestions, or email Starcharger@SJGames.com
-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

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