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Basic Rules

About UltraCorps


Welcome to UltraCorps! You are competing against hundreds of other warlords. Your goal is to expand your empire by attacking and taking over other worlds.

You begin with a single homeworld, located among thousands of other worlds - some of which are owned by other players, and some of which are owned by Nobody. As you deploy combat fleets and attack other worlds, your empire grows.

Turn-Based Play

UltraCorps is a turn-based strategy game. It tests your strategic skills, not your reflexes. Each day you can log in to review your growing empire, communicate with allies and rivals, and issue new orders to your fleets and production facilities. At a certain time each day, the computer processes all players' orders. This period, the tick, is when you and all other players' turns are processed: units are created, fleets are moved, and battles are fought.

Using Help

The in-game Help is designed to let you find answers quickly. Clicking on any link in the main Help index (which you are now reading) takes you to the Help page on that subject.

Quick Help

If you want more information about any game display, click the nearest icon to access the Help page on that topic.

Race and Unit Help

For details on every race and unit in the game, click the Races or Units button in the top bar. Or, if you're in the thick of the game and want more info on a particular unit, race, or statistic, just click its name and a help window will open on that subject.

Don't See The Help?

In some browsers, especially if you have a small screen, the help window insists on opening BEHIND your game window. @@#$%@$%! So if the HELP button, or any help link, or a ComNet link, seems to do nothing, try moving or minimizing the game window to see if the help window is hidden behind it.

Ending Your Turn

When you're through issuing orders, click the END TURN button on the top bar. You can return any time during the turn . . . as long as the tick has not yet run . . . to modify your orders.

Exception: If you are playing a solo game, or if you are the "owner" of a PUB game, you can use the Tick button to end the turn and run the tick immediately.

Have fun and remember: conquest is job one!


Scoring Points and Winning
The Turn and the Tick
The Economy
Unit Statistics
Unowned Worlds (alias "Nobody")
Quitting a Game
"The Acutron" and Other Admin Aliases

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