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Your Empire Page

Each player has his own Empire page with his empire description and a variety of rankings and statistics. Clicking on a player's name anywhere you see it in UltraCorps will bring up his Empire page. To see your own, click the Empire tab in Com-Net.

Empire Description

You may write a description of your empire. It will appear at the top of your Empire page. Describe your empire or your persona; offer to communicate; or simply warn other warlords to keep out of your territory!

  • Type a description (up to 255 characters) in the Empire Description field.
  • When you're finished, click Set Description.


Look at a player's Empire page to see his starting race. Click the link to read the race's description. Checking out a rival's starting units and tactical suggestions may give you some hints on what to expect. You have no obligation to help other players of your race, but (especially if they're far away from you in the game) sharing information about tactics poses no risk . . . and can often be helpful.


Always note a rival's last login turn. If a player hasn't logged in for the last few turns, chances are he's not playing actively, and his worlds may be up for grabs. So . . . be the first to grab!


From the Empire Page, you have a direct link to send UltraMail.

Show Empire

View a close-up of the player's empire on the Star Map by clicking the View Empire on Star Map link.


Read battle reports by clicking List Battles and then entering a turn number in the dialog box. Learn how top-ranked players fight, as well as the tactics and units your enemies might use against you. See Battles for specifics, and Battle Reviews for an explanation of battle reports.

Commander Statistics

This section shows comparisons in the following categories:

  • Worlds: Number of worlds in this empire.
  • Firepower: Overall combat strength, taking into account attack, defense, and sheer numbers. See Firepower.
  • Net Worth: The value of all units at their current cost, plus all Ultranium this player owns.
  • Victories: Number of battles won (all successful attacks and defenses)
  • Defeats: Number of battles lost (all unsuccessful attacks and defenses)
  • Win Ratio: Overall battle effectiveness. The more you fight, and the more you win, the higher this is. The formula for Win Ratio is: Wins 2 / All Battles

  • Population: All population on this empire's worlds and fleets.

Empire Colors

You can make it easier to distinguish players on the Star Map by changing their empire colors. The default color for all other players is red, but you can change it for any player by going to his Empire page. You will see his current map color. Click Change to call up a pop-up window of colors; you have 17 to choose from.

World List

The Empire page contains a list of all the player's worlds. Worlds with asterisks * were conquered by the player on the last tick). Click a world to access its World Information page. You cannot directly view an enemy world's production, but if you watch it for a few turns you can see what units are appearing and disappearing there.

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