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Quitting a Game

To quit a game, go to your Empire Page and click the Quit this game? link (under the Empire heading). You will be given a chance to reconsider or confirm, in case you hit it by accident or changed your mind. (You "quit" a solo game, of course, just by deleting the game.)

If a player quits a game, he cannot rejoin. His empire will still appear on the game map, but he cannot make any further turns. All his deployments are canceled, and his fleets in transit simply vanish. Licenses only available to one race (like Nozama Queen) vanish, as do licenses that appeared on his worlds as a free racial perk (like Nozama Fighter licenses for a Nozama). All his production queues are deleted. Production stops on all his worlds except his homeworld . . . the homeworld starts autobuilding immediately. If there are any Nobody worlds left in his cluster, they also start autobuilding immediately.

Clicking on the player's name in the places it still appears (such as on the Star Map or a Battle Report) will take you to the list of deleted players.

You may also still see the player's name on lists of worlds, for as long as he owns those worlds . . . but you will not see his name in rankings by player, because his empire is no longer active.


A player who quits a mega-game can no longer score points or earn badges in that game; his score is set to 0, as though he had been wiped out. Therefore, it's better for your scores to stay in the game, even as an inactive player, than it is to quit. Even if you are no longer in a winning position, your final score and your averages will be better if you put up a fight and try to avoid elimination.


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