July 22, 2020: Travail Wins! Is this the big 10 wins!

Historians differ on whether or not Travail's win in the Mega Game Infinita is his 10th win or not. Some people wonder about the wins that occurred in eras past and have almost, but not quite, been obliterated from memory and historical record. Others wonder if team games count. The statistical marvel will surely engender comments for millenniums to come.

Travail gets 1st place! Breakers gets 2nd and Orn Ree finishes in 3rd.

Solitar and Caruso fill out the Top Five. Maturin, Habig, Sandsorb, Tearilis and Dr_Sci round out the Top Ten! Great Game. I hope to host another Infinita Buff game next July.

A new Mega Game is now open for joining. No themes, no teams! It will be open for about 11 days and close on the 3rd of August for an August 5th 8 pm start.

Join Adventure Oasis now!
-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

July 19, 2020: Player Profile: 4 Wins In A Row, What A Show!

Travail leads! Big news! Breakers is in 2nd and Maturin, after an 8 year break was in 3rd - but who's this? Orn Ree, aka the Unfortunate Simian (a play on LuckyMonkey?), Bluce Ree and Randiv.

Randiv is the unwilling subject of this Eon's Player Profile: Playing under the alias Orn Ree (get it, an Ornery Orn) Orn Ree appears to be filling the vacuum created by Starcharger's apparent and often-expected implosion. Starcharger peaked in the top 5 after attacking Solitar, but dropped out when Solitar attacked back. SC was in 5 of this turn's longest battles, including the two longest, which is never a good sign. He also loaned a cup of sugar delivered by an ancient house servant Infinita with ramjets to a neighbor so he also indirectly fought in a 6th.

Randiv has lot of wins. Wins tend to add up when you win four in a row. The first win was in mega Game Augustus, almost ten years ago on 9/11 of 2010. Playing as Unfortunate Simian in Summer's End Randiv edged out upstart UC_Rommel, with Travail, Breakers, Solitar and Black Knight close behind. That was in August of 2012. No player besides Randiv won again for an entire year, seven years in dog years. Well Travail did win, in a tie with Randiv, but that was a the start of the streak. Solitar got 3rd place in Summer's End. Historians note that a young fleet admiral Starcharger was UC Admin at the time. Unfortunate Simian wins again in Ground War and Travail gets comfortable in 2nd. Team Game Elemental War is a double win for Bluce Ree as he ties Farstar for 1st place and they both get the team game win. The streak continues in Mega Game Vanilla Skies as Orn Ree wins, Travails gets 2nd, and MMMFlatline playing as Oddity gets 3rd. The streak lasted for 12 straight months and is quite a feat. Randiv tried to play under his own name in the next Mega and finished way back in 4th, trailing Travail, Sandsorb and River. Other players in that game that are still around today are: Solitar, Breakers, Zpo, Dr_Sci, Farstar, Dentritch, Paladin 1991, Xenofruit, Zen, Arillus, Ekaraz, HCobb, Helegrenze, and Wadd - to mention a few.

In 43 Mega games Randiv finished in the Top Ten 28 times, including 28 out of the last 39. He achieved the Top Five 24 times. Randiv has been on the Medal Stand in the Top Three 14 times. He got a solo 5 16 days after his first log in. He also kindly offered not to obliterate me off the map in this game, and I think that was thoughtful and kind, in an Ornery kind of way.

Hats off to Orn Ree, Unfortunate Simian, Bruce Ree and Randiv - this Eon's featured Commander!

Hair10 gets a Firepower Destroyed 7-notch silver badge for taking out 841 FP as Dr_Sci attacks. Dr_Sci apparently had it to give as he still leads in FP. Ekaraz gets an FP6 in his attack against Solitar. River and Flatline blew up 2,000 more in FP and they got no badges as they both got their shiny gold all-notcher's in the 15 round cataclysm where everybody died except for one ancient Infinita. We added up all the attacks and hits in those 15 rounds. There were a lot.

This game could go 7 more turns. Dear me! We will take a break after it ends and start another game around the 5th to 10th of August. The new game will be open for joining right after Infinita ends, no themes, no teams, shorter game. It will close to new players about August 3rd.
-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

July 18, 2020: Every-So-Often Acutron News Network

Infinita, Turn 29!

The Fight Turned Into a Hairball!

Mighty Entradashar Commander Hair10 fought an epic battle in defense of his HW against Swarm Master Dr_Sci this past cycle. A near-record number of suicide fighters did, er, just that.

Conquest Is Job One, Defense Is Secundos!

Swamp Beastie Boy Arillus moved heaven, earth, and everything except the HC-8 kitchen sink to Secundos this past cycle to annihilate the attack force of Commander Zen. The Zenrin Master-led fleet was no match for the 15 WRECKERS (Seriously: 15 RC Wreckers??), 10 Org4's, and punch-packing carriers that brought them there. In this reporter's opinion, if someone says they've got some swampland to sell you, don't take them up on it!

No Strain At Andromeda!

Embattled Fleet Admiral Starcharger's probing fighter was blown out of the sky by Solitar's defense fleets, even as he came under what appears to be an unexpected, multi-pronged series of attacks by Orn Ree. As Infinitas continue to crash here and there, the galaxy seems smaller than ever as commanders range far to find territory for their empires.

This news update sponsored by the Producers of the "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" and the Director of "I Know What You Did Last Summer", who have released a new movie titled: "I Know What You Did in Your Sister's Pants Last Summer."

Travail, UC News Reporter

July 12, 2020: Every-So-Often Acutron News Network

Infinita, Turns 22 and 23!

Always Darkest Before The Dawn (In A Nebula)!

A massive fleet of stealth fighters ripped into CNM Commander *Redacted's* home world of Dark Nebula last cycle, under the command of Also-CNM Commander Trebor. The durable and pluck fighters, massed together for safety in this galaxy bursting with Infinitas crashing about, carried the day. *Redacted* was reached for comment, but, er, it was redacted.

Shock Waves Ripple Through Spacetime at Aquillae!

The very fabric of the universe shuddered under the immense forces brought to bear at Aquillae this past cycle. Both commanders River and Flatpack brought the serious boom, and the knock-down, drag-out could be heard as far away as Amida, out on the rim. Once could say that, with one Infinita surviving out of nine (NINE!) in the fight, that the rest of us had a clear view of the Infinite-a.

Accretion Disc Gets Expansion Pack!

Yet another humongous battle was fought this cycle at Accretion, with a prolonged fight which went down to the wire. At the end of the attack, Habig planted his flag on Accretion, having beaten the forces of Jodos into submission in a victory costly to both commanders.

This news update sponsored by the Feline Physicist Foundation: "It's all about string theory, okay?"

Travail, UC News Reporter

July 9, 2020: Every-So-Often Acutron News Network

Infinita, Turn 19!

Tir Na Not-happening!

Commander Neotris brought the boom to the Celtic underworld this past cycle, in a move sure to bring Fae and fortune. Unsurprisingly, the trio of Infinita survived to bring victory to the attackers in yet another HW capture.

Have Card Will Travel!

The Paladin raised a strong defense of InfinitaAndBeyond against the attacking forces of Captain Caruso. News sources close to the beleagured Paladin are concerned about the huge force of Commander Farstar's poised on his very doorstep. Eyes, virtual and real, will be on the besieged HW this cycle.

See An Apple On A Head, Take A Shot At Archer!

Forbidden's wildly wealthy but underpopulated planet Archer was struck by simultaneous attacks from Solitar and Ekaraz, both likely drooling over the stockpile of ultranium brazenly on display. But only one commander emerged victorious in the end, raising the question: What will Solitar do with all that cheddar?

This news update sponsored by Executive Wizards Walking Sticks, Inc: "Because everyone needs a damn fine staff."

Travail, UC News Reporter

July 5, 2020: Every-So-Often Acutron News Network

Infinita, Turns 16!

Whose Business Is It? Narnia Business!

"The" Black Knight turned back the ferocious attack of Xeno "Fear The" Fruit at Narnia this past cycle. A questionable food surplus has resulted from the attack, but Black Knight asserts firmly from within his command and control Wardrobe that no one is eating scuttlers at this time.

He's Back In The Ring To Take Another Swing!

ThyFloppyCactus finds new life at Lazarus, recapturing the planet from "Swamp Thing" Goljerp this past cycle. The mighty, victorious fleet was anchored by not one, but three Infinita in a move calculated to make commanders in the region at least a might cautious.

Finsterwalde Sees Big Bada Boom Worthy Of A Perfect Being!

Forbidden was, apparently, not, from bringing troops to Finsterwalde this past tick. Veteran commander Solitar put up a valiant defense, nearly obliterating the attacking fleet down to its component atoms after its fodder was chewed away in the first 3 rounds of combat. It went on to fight 7 more rounds on its own before falling. Certainly, Solitar's nearby planetary centers can breathe easier because of that Infinita's steadfast defense. (Editors note: Someone should buy that Infinita captain a beer. Um. Or maybe some term life insurance could be more useful, I guess. Now.)

This news update sponsored by the Committee For Estate Planning- "When you need someone to negotiate your anti- nuclear family proliferation treaty!"

Travail, UC News Reporter

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