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Scoring Points and Winning

Different UltraCorps games can have different objectives.

Solo Games

A solo game ends when you conquer all the Nobody worlds. Your "score" is the number of turns it takes for you to win . . . but you can always win in the end, if you keep playing.

PUB Games

A PUB game has whatever victory conditions are set by the owner of the game. PUB games, except for the occasional official tournament, don't affect any of your permanent scores . . . they are just for fun.

Ring Games

A ring game may be scored like Megas, with either the Classic or Ranking Points system.


The massively multiplayer mega-games can have various scoring systems. At the moment, two are supported:


The object of classic UltraCorps is simply to own the most worlds at the end of the game - usually 25 to 35 turns. Your final score is equal to the number of worlds you own.

Ranking Points

This is a more complex system (and it is still being tweaked). It allows players to score for several different types of excellence, and gives points both for leading in the game as a whole, and for leading among the players of the same race. It is intended to reward more strategies than just "roll over all your neighbors."

In a ranking-points game, your score will be shown on your Com-Net page. You can see any player's score on his Empire page. Each listing has a View link to let you see exactly how the points were scored each turn.

After the first five turns, you can earn points for being in the top percentages in six different categories:

  • Worlds Owned
  • Population (which correlates closely with Worlds Owned, so it's still very important to control worlds)
  • Firepower
  • Net Worth
  • Highest individual world firepower
  • Highest individual world population
Your game-wide rank in each category earns points as follows:
  • 10 points if you’re in the top 2% in any ranking. Of course, you could be in more than one top 2%, and get points for all of them. (Note: at 500 players, 10 and 2% are the same.)
  • 8 points if you’re in the second 2%.
  • 6 points if you’re in the third 2%.
  • 4 points if you’re in the fourth 2%.
  • 2 points if you’re in the fifth 2%.
Your rank within your race in each category earns points as follows:
  • 5 points if you’re in the top 2% in any ranking.
  • 4 points if you’re in the second 2%.
  • 3 points if you’re in the third 2%.
  • 2 points if you’re in the fourth 2%.
  • 1 points if you’re in the fifth 2%.
Note that percentages are figured "top down," so each 2% tier always contains at least one player. The top five players in each race always get points. Yes, you could say "the fifth player of five is in the BOTTOM 20%" - but that is NOT the way it's computed. This means that if you pick an unpopular race, your chances of scoring race points go up.

If you are a top scorer both within your race and within the whole game, you do not score points for both - you get only the higher score of the two. So, for instance, if you are in the top 2% of your race in Firepower, and in the top 10% game-wide, you'll get 5 points that turn, not 7. This keeps the very top players from piling on the score.

You never lose points, and if you still control at least one world at the end of the game you get 5 bonus points . . . so it's always worth it to hang in there and keep fighting!


Each turn during a mega or ring game, your "rating" is computed. Rating is equal to the percentage of players whose score is below yours, with two special cases:

  • The leader(s) get an automatic rating of 100.
  • Everyone in the bottom 10% who still has some firepower gets a rating of 10.

At the end of the game, the final ratings are posted and your permanent standings (see below) are updated. Only the final rating affects your permanent standings.

Permanent Standings, Badges, and Ranks

Your scores in individual games can build permanent glory! Ring games and mega-games count toward your permanent standings, and if you do well enough, you'll appear on the game-wide leaderboard.

Name a World!

When you win a mega or ring game, you will get to add a name to our world list. Memorialize yourself, your Significant Other, your school . . . Of course, we will veto ungentlemanly suggestions. There's no interface for this. When you win, pick a name you like and mail it to The Acutron will take it from there.


Permanent Standings: Average, Master Points, and XP

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