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Arachnons Arachnons
A destructive fleet that tends to kill most of the population when it captures a world . . . but after every battle, new fodder spawns on the world. For experienced players.
Cosmic Needle Men Cosmic Needle Men
A small fleet of high-speed, invisible fighters, rewarding aggressive play. For intermediate players.
Ectonians Ectonians
A very balanced starting fleet built around a pair of Megabots. Good for beginners.
Entradishar Entradishar
A potent fleet with one strong, well-armored capital ship and the potential to build more fairly quickly. Good for aggressive beginners.
Guir Guir
Starts with fast transport and a moderately strong fleet. This race feeds the need for speed. For intermediate players.
Mah-Tog Mah-Tog
Starts with huge amounts of money and minimum defense. Design your own fleet. For experienced players.
Nozama Nozama
The Amazon Battlesuit Horde! Cheap, slow Fighters that are deadly in numbers, and strong, costly Queens to speed and power-up the fighters. For intermediate players.
Orn Orn
A very powerful defensive setup, but has potential for conquest as well. Good for beginners.
Swamp Beasts Swamp Beasts
A fairly balanced force that can be played defensively or aggressively. Gets bonus population on all worlds. Good for beginners.
SxullBorgs SxullBorgs
Starts with a huge variety of licenses and a large, motley fleet; there are decisions to make! Gets bonus Ultranium after every battle. For intermediate players.
VaT'ak Warriors VaT'ak Warriors
This race has some of the most powerful units in the game, but the starting fleet is brittle. For experienced players.
Xirons Xirons
A popular race with a great starting fleet. Good for players who like consistent expansion. For intermediate players.
Zenrin Zenrin
The starting fleet is just a horde of cannon fodder, but it can build up to the ultra-potent Zenrin Master. For experienced players.